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We like Christmas a lot!  Our favorite part of Christmas are the traditions surrounding the procurement and decoration of the Christmas tree.  We also like pulled pork sandwiches.  As a matter of fact, we like Christmas trees and pulled pork sandwiches so much, that we combine this unlikely duo for every one of our deliveries.  Did I mention that we also like bicycling?  Many of our deliveries are accomplished by good old fashioned pedal power.  Whenever possible, for deliveries within reasonable distance to our headquarters in South Baltimore, we ditch the car and pedal our wares to you!

We understand the struggles associated with obtaining a live Christmas tree.  We also realize that these same struggles may discourage someone from getting their own live Christmas tree.  This is the reason we have been spending the last six years delivering fresh-cut, locally-grown Christmas trees to customers throughout Baltimore City.

Whether you are just joining us for the first time, or you’ve been a customer since 2011, we kindly have one request – sit back and relax as one of our Santa couriers’ delivers your Christmas tree and pulled pork sandwich to your doorstep.  The only thing left for you to do will be the fun part – decorate!  So heat up the wassail, light the yule log, and let us take care of the heavy lifting.  Happy Holidays!

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